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Strophantus, G-Strophanthan, Ouabain for Cardiovascular Issues

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Strophantus, G-Strophanthan, Ouabain

Our adrenals make a compound called ouabain which is a cardiac glycoside and improves heart output and function.

It also reduces lactic acid in heart muscle tissue, with lactic acid increasing when there’s poor delivery of oxygen to cardiac cells and causing heart cells to not fully contract or relax.

This leads to reduced cardiac output, leading to shortness of breath, fatigue, memory loss and usually either hypertension or hypotension.

In the 1800s, this compound was extracted from the climbing oleander plant (Strophanthus gratus) and the extract was called g-Strophanthin and was used by physicians around the turn of last century and is still used in Germany to treat angina and to prevent heart attacks.

German research, involving coal miners suffering from a higher degree of angina and heart attacks were immediately administered ouabain (g-Strophanthin) at the first sign of chest pain. Compared to high cardiac failures in the previous 10 years, there were no deaths during that period even though there were 280 incidents of angina.

German physician Dr. Berthold Kern reported treating over 15,000 patients with heart disease using ouabain between 1947 and 1968. He reported only 20 nonfatal heart attacks and no deaths. Statistics from that time would have predicted more than 120 fatal heart attacks and in excess of 400 nonfatal heart attacks in a group that size.

We have found the extract (Strophanthus) to be a very important ally in our cardiac clients and integrated into our holistic approach to cardiac health and recovery.


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