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IV Di-Sodium EDTA Clinic Session

IV EDTA Chelation Therapy in Utah

Improving Heart & Circulatory Issues For Good

“It’s About Getting Your Life Back”

IV Di-Sodium EDTA Session

Di-Sodium EDTA grabs onto, or chelates, various heavy metals and earth elements including hardened calcium.

EDTA will therefore solubilize the hardened plaque made primarily of calcium and other minerals and heavy metals.

Calcium is an extremely important mineral in the body and we don’t want to rapidly reduce this element in the blood stream.

Therefore the delivery of intravenous EDTA must be slow, so the administration is kept to around 3 hours.

Lab tests are absolutely necessary, the most important being kidney function and calcium.

In preparation it is most important to ensure the optimal mineral status of the blood and to continue with this supplement during the period of receiving IV EDTA.

There are other lab results which need to be reviewed and supplements to optimize the full benefits of EDTA.

You will be advised about the use of other supplements during your consult with Haskell


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